• 15 meter working width
  • 60 original KWD injection wheels

Highest performance

  • 15 m working width
  • 60 injection wheels
  • 250 mm row spacing
  • 8500 l stainless steel tank
  • 1800 l/min filling pump
  • 800 l/min application pump
  • 1050/50 R32 tires with pressure control system
  • 200 – 2000 l/ha application rate
  • 15 ha/hour. at 10 km/h.

Innovative design

  • Low center of gravity
  • Minimal soiling and safe road travel thanks to lateral folding
  • Ground profile adjustment via 5 swinging elements and rubber suspension on each wheel
  • High ground clearance at the headland due to massive lifting frame
  • Cornering possible thanks to stable vertical joint

Uncompromising quality of all parts

KWD also relies on in-house production for the C15.

Uncompromising quality and precision in development and production guarantee that the C15 will not come to a standstill during valuable work in the field.