Injection wheels

The ORIGINAL for over 20 years!

Precise distribution hubs

Fertilizer placement is controlled via the distribution hub of the injection unit.
This is supplied with the set amount of fertilizer and transfers the liquid to the spoke in the soil.
With the KWD hub, the fertilizer is transferred axially in the rotary movement. This ensures that the liquid only flows to the downward-facing spoke.

Stable wheel disks

The multi-rolled shape of the wheel disks gives the component the required stability. Accurate processing also plays an important role in durability. KWD wheel discs are manufactured using a rotating metal spinning process, which results in an even, low-stress material thickness and a stable, narrow edge.
To attach the spokes, 12 mounts are welded to each wheel disk. The consistent quality of the stainless steel seams is ensured by the use of a welding robot. The seams are then cleaned and treated in a stainless steel pickling bath.

Guaranteed parallel operation

The stable swing arm made of corrosion-resistant aluminum is attached to the square tube of the frame via a maintenance-free rubber suspension element.
The cushioning spring element ensures constant ground leveling during work. Lateral oscillations are absorbed so that the injection wheels run safely and parallel.

Durable spokes

The spokes are pressed 6-8 cm into the ground like injections. The fertilizer exits through a side hole from the downward-facing spoke into the soil.

Thanks to a special choice of materials and hardening, the spokes achieve a long service life.

Over 300,000 individual CULTAN drops are placed on one hectare of land. These are 1-6 ml in size, depending on the application rate.
For the injection units, this means dipping into the soil, opening, closing and dipping out 300,000 times under field conditions.
A technical challenge that we have made our task.

Suitable for Self-build

We support you in building your own CULTAN machine!

Conversion of various agricultural equipment to CULTAN, self development or modernization – we will be happy to advise you!

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